14|05|2013 - Forgot about domain renewal. Again. I would make a veiled threat about new content, but we all know the odds are slim. I was going to post a tutorial about MythTV, Debian, and a DViCO HDTV tuner, then I kind of lost interest, and now I'm using Gentoo anyway, and I haven't bothered to get MythTV going on Gentoo - yet! If I do, I'll post a tutorial. Maybe. Probably not.

20|05|2011 - Well, two years after the last content update, I am here with NOTHING! Yeah! Forgot about the domain renewal, amazingly I managed to get it back before someone parked it, 'cos you know, it's pretty valuable. I'll just keep telling myself that. Updated links that were months, probably a year out of date. Seriously contemplating new content, so you better not piss me off or you'll be on the wrong end of a rant.

11|08|2010 - Sometimes a bad thing can give you a kick up the arse. A catalyst for positive change. About time I did something useful, world.

24|05|2009 - Err, third update for the year, someone should be paying me for this. I found another lost rant whilst cleaning up a drive on my computer today. It is on everyone's favourite rant topic, religion! So now I just need to write one dedicated to politics and hopefully I'll have irritated the politically correct, who refuse to discuss either topic for fear of offending someone. Grow a pair!

26|03|2009 - Wow, I'm feeling practically BUSY running this site. I think this really is a new record, two updates in one week. Although, to be fair, I haven't really created anything, I just managed to track down my first rant, about train etiquette. Enjoy :)

20|03|2009 - Crikey! I'm back! In an unexplained burst of inspired creation (there may be a slight correlation to a certain modern religious belief there), I churned out an entire rant in about an hour. Read!. What's worse, there might be another one on the way!